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Beginning in 2020, we’ll be expanding the speaker sessions on the HR Conference Cruise and offering a “SURF and TURF” option.  In addition to the sessions on board the ship (Surf), we are offering a series of webinar sessions prior to the sailing (Turf).  The webinars are included as part of your conference registration. Please visit HRCRUISE.COM for more details.

Further, we're offering separate "turf options" with one hour webinars for additional opportunities for  continuing education credits for both SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs) and recertification credits from HRCI.  Many of the speakers have spoken on a completed HR Conference Cruise or will speak on a future sailing.

Daniel Juday | March 25, 2021

Advancement Culture: Creating a Space Where Everyone Gets to Get Better

Everyone seems to be talking about culture, but almost everyone is talking about the "what," not the "how." It’s one thing to know that foosball tables and beer on tap won’t fix organizational dysfunction, but it’s another to explore what might. We’ll use this interactive session to start exploring some markers of advancement culture (one if which everyone gets to get better), built off a model of enrollment and engagement. We’ll discuss together what our current culture feels like, and explore what changes need to occur to move teammates from disengaged and disenfranchised to invested, engaged brand ambassadors. 

Todd Hunt | April 15, 2021

Vroom Your Zoom

You're asked to give a virtual HR presentation. Now what - read slides for an hour? That's boring in person; more so on Zoom. So mix it up! In this engaging session, you'll learn to elevate the effectiveness of your Zoom programs by adding video, props and interaction (even if it's a webinar and you can't see your audience). Glean tips on lighting, camera placement, gestures, wardrobe ... yes, even slides, from a SHRM favorite (33 chapters) who has mastered the art of virtual speaking - business humorist Todd Hunt. 

Tasha Turner | April 22, 2021

The Potential Blinded By History

The program challenges organizations for their role in keeping employee's safe professionally and personally. Companies invest in EAP programs but that's where it ends. What happens when the personal issues arrives at the business doorstep? I’m an example of surviving an abusive situation and having to lean on my supervisor to help me escape my circumstance. As of result of my circumstance, I was on the run. My employment history reflects this, but I could never honestly disclose my reason for "job hoping." How do we create a judgement free HR zone and truly demonstrate inclusivity in our hiring practices?!

Priya Dhingra Klocek | May 27, 2021

Dealing With Change In This Ever-Changing World: How can HR professionals continue to serve their customers and the business?

The last 12-months have brought a lot of imposed Change. As we learn to navigate the "new world," it is imperative for us to help our teams through this process.